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To get a good enough score but still earn 5 stars you need about 6,000pts. Some characters have a better advantage like Krauser, he has his arm. This is how to start off with every characterÂ…..

LEON Village Collect ALL of the extra time limit. Use your Handgun to kill villagers from 2-4 shots. Find Shotgun ammo to use. Once the Bella Sisters (Chainsaw lady) comes out take out your Shotgun, blast some heads off and kill the Bella Sisters.

LEON Castle Collect ALL of the extra time limit. Do the same like the village part. Once you reach the ending point DO NOT open the big doors because a Garridor will come out to attack. Keep shooting, also shoot the red barrels to kill alot of enemies when close by. Kill the ones with the bow gun first and move left and right to check on the enemies.

LEON Island Do the same as the other areas. Once J.J (Machinegun man) comes out shoot him with the Shotgun in the face 4-7 times and he should die. Keep on going....remember that there are only 2 J.J's. Find many explosives and pack the enemies up and blow them into pieces.

LEON Bay If you start almost at the top of the tall tower shoot the 3 enemies that are in front of you it should take 2 shots for all 3 of them to die. Climb to the top of the tower and wait for the Crazy Chainsaw man comes up. Shoot him in the face 4-9 times and he should die. Be careful because there is another one around there. If you want you can kill them with your knife. Simply wait for them to jump the ladder and knife them making them fall into the water.

ADA Village Simply use your Blacktail to break barrels and kill some villagers. Find as many Sniper Rifle bullets and use it to blast heads off and kill the Bella Sisters easier. Use you TMP when the Bella Sisters are on the floor. Use the Semi-Rifle when you are cornered or KICK to make the oneÂ’s in front get pushed.

ADA Castle Use your Blacktail for a while then the TMP and then the Semi-Rifle. It is best that you shoot them in the chest not the head.

ADA Island Use yor TMP for a couple of shots to the head and keep running for your life. Once you've brang both J.J's use your Incendiary grenades and use the Semi-Rifle. Just run around finding more time and blast heads off.

ADA Bay This is too easy. Use your TMP or Blacktail which ever one is right for you. Wait till the Crazy Chainsaw man comes and make sure you are at a far distance, shoot him with the Semi-Rifle 5-8 times and he's dead.

HUNK Village Just use Neck breaker all the time to make sure you get good combo points

HUNK Castle Run to the top and let the Garridor out and use ALL of you grenades. Use Neck breaker on enemies and get good combo points.

HUNK Island Use ALL your grenades on J.J and shoot him in the face. Use Neck breaker and blow some enemies up.

HUNK Bay Shoot the Crazy Chainsaw man from a far distance and throw 2-3 grenades at him. He should die quick. Get some more grenades and kill the other one, get some Neck breakers and combo points.

KRAUSER Village Not much to do but use your arm, run away, use your arm and run away.

KRAUSER Castle Collect the time and open the doors, use your arm and continue with your Bow and Arrows in that small little room.

KRAUSER Island Not much to do but use your arm here too.

KRAUSER Bay Use your arm and shoot the Crazy Chainsaw man in the head.

WESKER Village Throw away your Silent Pistol attachment because itÂ’s wasting space in your inventory. Use your handgun until you have run out of ammo, use your Flash grenades to get some hits, then use the Semi-Rifle. When the Bella Sisters come throw Grenades and use both your Semi-Rifle and Killer 7.

WESKER Castle Run to the top of the castle collecting ALL of the time limits on your way. Use your Grenades and Incendiary grenades to kill the oneÂ’s with that wooden shield. Open the big doors and shoot Garridor 2 times in the back with the Killer 7 and 3-6 times with the Semi-Rifle.

WESKER Island Shoot J.J with the Semi-Rifle or Killer 7 and throw 1 Grenade. Get some headshots or kill enemies with the Semi-Rifle in the chest.

WESKER Bay Shoot the Crazy Chainsaw man with the Semi-Rifle 2-4 shots with the Killer 7 use 1-3 shots. Go around on high ground and throw Grenades and shoot with the Semi-Rifle.

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