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By James Deaker, VP Revenue Management and Ad Policy

At Yahoo, we’re committed to the safety and protection of our users. In fact, for years we’ve been committed to what has been perhaps the largest-ever transition to SSL encryption for any publisher with display ads. Most recently, we implemented an end-to-end encryption extension for Yahoo Mail. Strengthening our security everywhere helps create a safer experience for everyone across the internet. Yahoo also recently announced our Trust UnConference on April 25 in San Francisco, an event that will bring the industry together to discuss how we can ensure continued dedication to building safe and trustworthy products.

This dedication to security extends to our advertising experience. When it comes to the ads served through our network, we have a strict set of policies for our advertisers and partners to help ensure the ad experience for our users is a personalized, positive and engaging one. Years ago, we began working closely with our ad tech partners on the demand side on the transition to SSL, and many were as passionate as we were. Last month, we worked with our partners at MediaMath to open up a conversation about the importance of security when designing and serving digital ads. Soon after, the IAB issued its own post recognizing the industry need for the transition.

Strengthening online security also has direct benefits for advertisers. Strengthening online security helps the advertising industry address the issues such as bot traffic and other types of ad fraud, which allow for more precise audience reach and campaign measurement. Encryption is just one part of addressing this ongoing, industry-wide issue, but the more companies that join us in working together to improve the overall quality of the ecosystem, the better the experience will be for both advertisers and consumers.

Yahoo’s Trust and Safety team works tirelessly to protect our users and advertisers alike, ensuring that activities on our products and properties are safe and secure. We’re looking forward to more advertisers and partners taking heed of the IAB’s recent post on the subject so that all users can have a more secure experience across the web.


By Will Lu, Manager Fantasy Sports iOS


Daytime baseball is here and there’s nothing like it.  But when you have a full-time job or are stuck in class, it makes it hard to check on how your fantasy team is doing.  Enter the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App on Apple Watch.

With a completely re-imagined look and feel for the Apple Watch, the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App is designed to focus on the heart of the fantasy experience.  With Glances, you can now get a snapshot of your lineup, check injury status, view matchup stats, and see how badly you’re dominating your friends, all within a few seconds.

Did you notice that you’re about to crush your old college buddy?  It’s time to talk smack.  Using the Apple Watch dictation feature, you can smack talk with your league without ever having to type a word.  And if they also have the Apple Watch, they’ll receive a notification right to their wrist and realize their demise in real-time. 

Finally, the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App on the Apple Watch is the perfect complement to the iPhone app. While viewing any league on the watch you can simultaneously swipe up on your iPhone lock screen to view that particular league in detail.

Looks like games are about to start, time to go set your lineup and talk some smack.  Just download the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App for free in the App Store. Play ball!!

By Cerjary Chiang, Product Manager of Yahoo News TW/HK


With the Yahoo News Hong Kong App available on Apple Watch, you can now get breaking news delivered to your wrist and enjoy timely, local updates. With a Glance, scan through the top 10 headlines of the hour, selected by our Yahoo News Hong Kong editors, and open the story to read the first few lines.

If you want to read the full article, great! Just open your phone and check it out. Something fun: we’ll also show you how other readers feel about the article through a sentiment score, indicated by an animated icon.

Note: This experience is only available in HK.

By Shenglong Gao, Associate Product Manager, Mobile Weather 


Ever find yourself daydreaming about an upcoming vacation, wondering what the forecast will be? Or, perhaps, you need to assess the temperature outside so you can decide whether or not to grab your coat. Now, with Yahoo Weather App on Apple Watch, you’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly see the weather on your wrist with our Glance.

Always be prepared thanks to twice daily weather notifications delivered to your watch–the morning update will let you know what to expect during the day, and the evening forecast will give you an idea of tomorrow’s weather.

Want to know about current conditions, including what it “feels” like outside, chance of rain or snow, or the wind speed? What about when to watch for the sunrise and sunset? It’s all there on that convenient screen, and you can even browse through other locations to track the weather around the world. Just glance at your wrist and watch the story unfold.

Download the Yahoo Weather App on Apple Watch for free from the App Store!

By Nick D’Aloisio, Product Manager of Yahoo News Digest


With the Yahoo News Digest App on Apple Watch, you’ll never miss a beat. We’ll bring you the need-to-know story at the top of every hour so you’re always kept up-to-date.

Check the headline with a Glance or open your hourly news bulletin to learn more. Through our visual summarization, you can keep up with the day’s news in less than 10 seconds. Say goodbye to sporadic, annoying notifications - our bulletins provide a consistent, hourly cadence that users can anticipate naturally.

When your meeting finishes at 4pm, check the Glance on Apple Watch and you’ll see a beautiful, geometric poster - a Roman numeral depicting the hour of the bulletin - along with the headline. You can immediately scan the headline from the “Glances” view on the watch, without any need to open the app. If you are interested in the story, open your news bulletin and you’ll see a micro-summary of the news paired with with a map, infographic, stock ticker, image or statistic that brings the story to life. The last screen enables you to “speed read” so that you can easily soak in more information.

Just as the Yahoo News Digest App on iPhone is temporary in nature, we’ll discard every hourly bulletin on the Apple Watch once the hour has passed. We want you to feel informed with each news bulletin as the day’s events unfold. However, if you miss one, don’t worry - you can find every story that appears on the Watch in either the morning or evening digest on your iPhone.

Now for a twist - we’ll only deliver the hourly bulletin on weekdays, because that’s when we believe you’re more likely to check your watch hourly. And, in very select cases, we will deliver breaking news via notification so you won’t miss out.

With Yahoo News Digest, always feel in-the-know. Download it for free in the App Store.

Note: This experience is only available in the U.S.

By Adam Cahan, Senior Vice President

Yahoo apps come to Apple Watch April 24

The Apple Watch is one of the must-have tech accessories of the year, and at Yahoo, we love being where our users are headed. Seeing the Apple Watch inspired us to reimagine some of our most popular apps for the wrist so we can continue to be your guide to great experiences. In time for launch, we’ve simplified our apps to help you make the most of your Apple Watch.

Download the Yahoo News Digest App, Yahoo Sports Fantasy App, Yahoo Weather App, and Yahoo News Hong Kong for Apple Watch from the App Store for free for innovative experiences that will keep you in-the-know. Read on to learn more about each App:

Yahoo News Digest brings you the most important story on the hour, every hour so you’re always up-to-date. We’re introducing new microsummaries that visually inform you, and a brand new speed reading feature to get you in-the-know in seconds.


With Yahoo Sports Fantasy App, don’t worry about feeling distracted by the score while you’re at dinner. With a Glance, you can quickly see what’s going on in your matchups, check on your lineup for injuries, and even talk smack with your league using the Apple Watch dictation feature.


Yahoo Weather on Apple Watch will feature morning updates and evening forecasts. With our new “feels like” feature, you’ll always know whether it’s a t-shirt or sweater day - all while enjoying the app’s beautiful design.


With Yahoo News Hong Kong, you’ll receive breaking news delivered to your wrist and enjoy the top 10 headlines of the hour with a Glance. Want to know how other readers feel about a story? Check out the sentiment score and the animated emoticon will tell you if they love it or not.


By John Dunning, Director of Product Management

Contact cards are getting an upgrade - thanks to LinkedIn and Twitter! Earlier this month, Yahoo Mail launched a caller ID-like feature to bring you helpful contact information, right when you need it. Now through our partnerships with LinkedIn and Twitter, we are sharing even more helpful contact details.


Through our collaboration with LinkedIn and Twitter, we offer new enhancements including names for email addresses, profile photos and links to social profiles. LinkedIn also provides us with up-to-date company and title information. With Twitter, search results pages and contact details for people may now feature their recent Tweets if they are active on Twitter. Both integrations are dependent on the email address you have for a contact being the one associated with their social profile. This new LinkedIn and Twitter information combines with our existing data to create perfect contact cards with vital information at a glance, including photo (or logo if it’s a company), phone number and job title.


To take advantage of our integration with Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn or Twitter - just connect to your accounts by clicking on the gear in the top right corner of Yahoo Mail. Next, select Settings and then Accounts, and click “Connect” next to whichever account you want. Right from the contact card, you will be able to click on links to visit their complete social profiles. It may take a few minutes for us to load all the new data so please be patient. 


We’re rolling out LinkedIn and Twitter for contact cards to desktop users in the U.S. We hope you enjoy the new additions. For more information, visit our Help page. Please let us know what you think. 

By Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

Today, I’m excited to announce a renewed search alliance with Microsoft.  The agreement opens up significant opportunities in our partnership, enabling both partners to improve the search experience, create value for advertisers, and establish ongoing stability for partners.

You can learn more about it here.

We firmly believe that search is still in its infancy – and this partnership marks the next chapter in our exploration of how to make search truly great. I want to thank Satya Nadella and his team for working closely with us over the past few months to rejuvenate our partnership. Search has, and will continue to be, an incredibly important part of Yahoo, and this new partnership represents a major step forward in our renaissance.   

By Ian Moffitt, Senior Director of Programming, Strategy and Acquisition, Yahoo Screen

3, 2, 1…the countdown to the launch of Other Space has arrived, with all eight episodes premiering today on Yahoo Screen.  From the multi-talented, three-time Emmy nominee, Paul Feig (Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids,The Office), comes his new scripted comedy series about a young, inexperienced and highly flawed crew embarking on a routine exploratory space mission.


Similar to Feig’s original breakout show Freaks and Geeks, Other Space features an ensemble of young, up-and-coming actors playing the ship’s crew - a collection of over-matched rookies, feuding siblings, burned-out veterans and obsolete robots, including Karan Soni (Betas, Safety Not Guaranteed), Bess Rous (Murder in the First), Eugene Cordero (House of Lies), Milana Vayntrub (Silicon Valley), Conor Leslie (Klondike), Neil Casey (Broad City, The League), and the reunion of Trace Beaulieu  and Joel Hodgson of Mystery Science Theater.

Yahoo Screen is available for free through the Yahoo Screen App for iOS and Android, on connected devices including Apple TV, Roku, XBox, Tivo and at http://screen.yahoo.com.  Other Space is available on Yahoo Screen in the U.S. starting today and will be available Internationally later in the year.  For more information, http://originals.yahoo.net


By Jarah Euston, Sr. Director of Marketing & Analytics, Flurry from Yahoo

With more than a million apps in the world, U.S. smartphone users spending 88 percent of their time in apps, the unique combination of apps a person has on their phone is like their digital DNA. Understanding app preferences can unlock critical insights to help marketers reach a target audience. Now advertisers can use valuable data on mobile users based on app activity to enhance campaigns on Yahoo Gemini, Yahoo’s mobile search and native marketplace.

Today I’m excited to announce that in addition to Yahoo data, first-party CRM data, and third-party data, advertisers can now use more than 40 Flurry Personas, such as “Business Travelers” and “Social Influencers,” to reach the right mobile audiences through Yahoo Gemini. Flurry Personas are behavioral audience groups based on real app use based on aggregate data from Flurry Analytics. Flurry from Yahoo builds Personas based on users who are particularly heavy users of particular apps.


By Assaf Kremer, Product Manager

Today, we’re launching a new login history page to ensure that our users have full control and transparency into their accounts. The new page gives users visibility into where their accounts are being accessed from and provides them the tools to take action when needed.

Visit the new login history page and sign in with your Yahoo account. Explore the page and see the different devices and browsers you’ve used to sign into your account.

We hope that our new login history page will help you have the simplest, safest Yahoo experience.


By Susan Kittenplan, VP & Executive Editor, New Media Initiatives

Spring is here, although it doesn’t quite feel like it in New York yet, but that means we’re getting close to top down car season.  With that new car smell,  Yahoo Autos is our 13th digital magazine and guides gearheads, first-time car buyers, and everyone in between to the latest information, research, and in-depth videos for all their car needs.


Yahoo Autos puts readers in the driver’s seat with special access to unreleased cars, a redesigned new-car research tool, exclusive interviews, breaking news and more.  You can also find Yahoo Autos content within the recently refreshed Yahoo app on iOS and Android, great for on-the-go news and information, especially during auto show season.

Building off our already rich video franchises on other digital magazines, Yahoo Autos plans a healthy slate of weekly Yahoo-exclusive original programming focusing on cars and car culture. To kick things off, we are featuring Michael Conti, a 17-year-old high-school student living with his mom in a New Jersey apartment, who is a NASCAR world champion. He once raced (and beat) Dale Earnhardt Jr. — and yet the fastest car he has ever driven is his dad’s old Chevy Impala.  However, Conti’s racing successes are entirely virtual.

Yahoo Autos has a very talented team in place, including Managing Editor Justin Hyde, Editor at Large Alex Lloyd and Road Test Editor Aki Sugawara.  The Autos magazine features regular original videos, photography and stories from a host of automotive experts.

By Matthew Wee, Senior Product Manager, Mobile

We recently gave the Yahoo app on iPhone a new look and we’ve heard great feedback from our community.  Today, we’re bringing that same refined and vibrant experience to Android users in the U.S. We’ve added interactive features, such as photo slideshows, community polls, and an image slider that allows you to see photos transform before your eyes, to make our 12 digital magazines even more engaging. For example:

  • Swipe through a slideshow on Yahoo Politics featuring compelling images from Iowa as America’s heartland approaches election year.
  • Discover Jennifer Lawrence’s transformation from beautiful actress to blue-skinned mutant for her character Mystique in X-Men on Yahoo Movies by swiping the image slider from right to left.
  • Vote for your favorite social media platform on Yahoo Tech. Which is it - Periscope or Meerkat?

In addition to these engaging features, we have brought our award-winning Yahoo Weather and Yahoo News Digest content to the top of the All Stories and News streams, respectively. Want to keep an eye on the stocks you follow? Swipe to the finance stream and you’ll find them at the top if you’re signed in. If you’re not, the Market Movers will be displayed at the top.

Android users in the U.S. should update the Yahoo app today to enjoy our new look and interactive experience! It’s also available to download for free in Google Play.

By Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO

We’re focused on bringing Yahoo back to greatness and a critical part of that mission rests on our ability to attract and retain the best talent. In the last two and a half years, we’ve worked hard to make Yahoo a desirable place to work and I’m immensely proud of how far we’ve come. I’m excited to announce that Bryan Power is joining Yahoo as our new SVP of Human Resources (HR). Bryan will focus on our culture and continuing to drive excellence and innovation inside Yahoo.

Bryan has just the right blend of experience, vision and passion for people to evolve Yahoo’s cultural transformation. He brings with him over 15 years of HR experience leading organizational change with a focus on recruiting, employee programs and operations. Bryan comes to us from Square where he was responsible for its People operations and scaling the company as it grew its presence globally. Prior to Square, Bryan spent many years at Google where he led and managed teams around the world and earned himself a reputation as a trusted partner and thought leader.

I’d like to thank Jackie Reses for leading our HR efforts in the last two and a half years - her contributions have been immensely valuable in our continuing pursuit to make Yahoo the absolute best place to work. Going forward, Jackie will focus her full attention in continuing to lead Yahoo’s corporate development and partnership efforts, both of which are critical areas as we accelerate our transformation and the growth of our growth businesses - mobile, social, native and video (“Mavens” for short).

We are extremely proud of the business and cultural renaissance that we have been able to achieve so far and look forward to continuing our commitment to investing in the most important assets that we have - our employees.

Welcome, Bryan!

By Ron Bell, General Counsel

Today we’re issuing our fourth transparency report, continuing our efforts to provide as much information as we can about government requests for our users’ data and government requests to remove content.

This latest transparency report contains information covering the last six months of 2014 (July 1 - December 31, 2014). This includes National Security Letters (NSLs) and criminal data requests (such as search warrants, court orders, and subpoenas issued in criminal investigations). FISA requests included are from January 1 - June 30, 2014, as they are subject to a six-month delay imposed by the U.S. Government.

At Yahoo, users always come first. We evaluate each government request with a focus on minimizing disclosure of user data and we publish a transparency report to promote accountability and transparency.

As we note in our transparency report, we’ve encrypted many of our most important products and services to protect against unauthorized access by governments or other actors. We recently rolled out an end-to-end (e2e) encryption extension for Yahoo Mail, now available on GitHub.

Our goal is to provide an intuitive e2e encryption email solution for all of our users by the end of 2015.  We will continue our efforts to protect your information from unclear, improper, overbroad or unlawful government requests.

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